How To Fix Epson Printer Leaking Ink On Paper

Epson Printer Leaking Ink On Paper
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The toner cartridge installed in an Epson printer may leak at some point. However, ink leaking during a printing job will give you stained prints, which can be unsightly. Ink leakage in the Epson printer is an extremely complicated situation that can damage your printer to some extent. Often, rather than a broken machine, improper installation of the ink cartridge triggers the ink leakage problem in the printer. Luckily, there are several fixes to implement in this tutorial. So keep reading!

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Epson Printer Ink Leaking Problem

Without any doubt, the printer is a basic product for printing materials. But when a printer starts leaking, it can be a disaster, especially if you don’t know how to stop Epson printer ink from bleeding onto the paper. Troubleshooting ink leakage can be easy only when you identify the real reason for its occurrence.

Here is a list of possible factors that can cause this problematic obstruction:

  • Improper installation of ink cartridges.
  • The contacts between the cartridge and the printer have closed.
  • The toner cartridge installed in your Epson printer may be broken or damaged.
  • Perhaps a faulty cartridge is being used for printing.

So you can see here that the main reason for ink leaking on your paper will be the cartridge.

Easy Ways to Fix Epson Printer Leaking Ink On Paper

Ink leakage on Epson printer paper is one of the most frustrating problems as it negatively impacts the print quality. It is essential to eliminate the ink leakage problem so that you can get started with a premium printing solution. Below we provide an effective guide to help you solve your problem quickly. Let’s start the implementation!

Solution 1: Clean Clogged Cartridges

If the cartridges are clogged or dirty, the ink will leak onto the paper during printing. In such a scenario, all you need to do is open the ink cartridge nozzle to effectively eliminate the Epson printer ink leaking problem. This way:

  • First of all open the printing machine.
  • Remove the ink cartridges immediately and place them safely on a clean sheet of paper.
  • Now carefully wipe the cartridge contacts or nozzle using a soft cloth dampened with distilled water. Avoid using normal water as it may damage the parts.
  • Once the head-to-toe cleaning process is complete, let them air dry for 5 minutes.
  • Now reinstall the ink cartridge properly as soon as possible and then try to start the printing job.

If the ink leakage problem persists, perform the following troubleshooting procedure.

Solution 2: Readjust Your Printer Cartridge

Improper adjustment of printer cartridges can cause ink leakage in Epson printers. Therefore, whenever ink leaks while printing, immediately look at the ink cartridges’ location and ensure that they are installed correctly. If the cartridge is misplaced, you will need to readjust it before attempting to print.

Here’s the step-by-step process to do so:

  • First, take a clean, soft piece of paper towel.
  • Now place it inside the bottom panel of your printer to absorb any empty or excess ink that may be leaking.
  • Now open the front cover of your printer.
  • Check exactly which ink cartridge is causing the leaking problem.
  • If there is excess ink, wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Now try to insert the ink cartridge again, and triple-check whether the cartridge will fit in the right place.
  • Finally, try printing again to ensure the ink is no longer bleeding.

Solution 3: Reloaded Ink Cartridge

Refilling ink cartridges is a money and time-saving solution to Epson printer ink leakage error. Otherwise, try to fill the cartridge correctly; This can cause leaks, stains, blockages, and sharp edge damage to your printer. So you need to be very careful while filling the cartridge.

Also, before refilling, make sure you are using high-quality, genuine ink that exactly matches your Epson printer product.

However, even a single mistake can go wrong, so pay close attention when spilling or spilling ink into your printer cartridges. do not hurry! Add the ink slowly and carefully.

Solution 4: Replace the toner cartridge

Toner and ink cartridges can get damaged and thus lead to ink leakage problem in Epson printer. So, if things don’t go smoothly while printing, evaluate the entire cartridge for any external/internal damage. In this case, replacement of your toner cartridge is extremely necessary.

Things to consider before replacing the cartridge

  • If you are looking for a new cartridge for your Epson printer, try to get the best cartridge at an affordable price.
  • Choose the most suitable and compatible cartridge.
  • Replace the damaged one with a brand new perfect one.
  • Choose printer cartridges that store ink properly.

Conclusion- Epson Printer Ink Leaking

Epson printer ink leaking is one such complex and slightly more annoying problem that is usually caused by problems in the cartridge. It’s guaranteed! If you choose to use compatible and suitable ink storage cartridges you will receive quality prints with 100% satisfaction. However, if you are not able to refill or readjust the toner/ink cartridge, contact Epson printer online support. You will be guided by a skilled and highly experienced expert. So, prevent your printer from leaking ink with less effort and less time.