How to Replace an Ink Pad on an Epson

How to Replace an Ink Pad on an Epson
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If you have an Epson printer and you get an error message stating, “The printer’s ink pads have reached the end of their life,” it may mean that your ink pads are clogged and need to be replaced. is required. During the printing process, the printer produces waste ink that has to go somewhere. It is sent through a tube to the ink pad, where it is collected. The printer has a counter that triggers the error message described above after a certain number of pages have been printed. According to the Epson manual, you need to have the printer repaired and probably even need to replace the entire printer. That said, you can choose to fix the problem yourself if you want to save some money.

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How to Replace an Ink Pad on an Epson

Step- 1 Spread plastic or newspaper on a table and place your unplugged printer on it.

Step-2 Remove the viewing panel. It’s a panel on the back right side of your printer, held in place by a screw or two. On some printers, this will be a rectangular panel, and on others, the entire right side of the printer will come off. Locate the screws and remove them using a Phillips screwdriver. Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully remove the panel.

Step-3 Find waste ink tubes. These should be easy to locate as these will be two clear tubes held together in the waste ink tank. Some printers will only have one tube. One end of the tubes will be secure inside the printer and the other end will be loose. Pull the free ends of the tubes through the opening in the panel so that they hang down. You may need to use needle-nose pliers to do this if you can’t easily grasp the tubes with your fingers.

Step-4 Remove the old pad. This is a complicated task, so make sure the area around the printer is covered with material that you don’t mind applying ink to. You can wear rubber gloves. Using tweezers, remove the pad from the printer and set it aside. Clean the reservoir by pushing paper towels into it and letting them absorb the ink.

 Step-5 Change pad. You can buy a clean pad at a computer parts store, but they can be difficult and expensive to find. You can also cut a new dish sponge to the right size and insert it as a replacement. You can also try cleaning an old tampon by soaking it in a large bowl of warm water and then squeezing it out. Make sure it is completely dry before putting it back in the printer. Put the free ends of the tubes back into the tank as they were. However, most people choose to build an external ink waste tank. To do this, you will need to expand the tubes. This can be done by purchasing airline connectors and plastic tubing to fit. These items can be purchased inexpensively anywhere aquarium supplies are sold. If your printer has two tubes, cut two pieces of tube one foot long. 

If it only has one tube, just cut off a piece of the tube. Insert the connectors into the ends of the tubes attached to the printer and then connect them to the tubes you just cut. Then, drill a hole in the cap of the bottle and insert the ends of the tubes into it. A small plastic water bottle will do. Now the used ink will flow into the bottle and you can empty it at any time. You may want to attach the bottle to the side of the printer using Velcro or tape so that it doesn’t tip over.

 Step-6 Reset the counter and clear the error message. To do this, you need to download the software. You can download it for free from The link is in the resources. Run the program on the computer connected to the printer. This will allow you to reset the counter and remove the error message. It’s a good idea to read the instructions in the program’s help file before doing anything. However, once the program is downloaded, it will appear on your desktop status bar and you can right-click on it to bring up a menu of options. The second option is “Reset Counter”. Click on it to reset your counter and thus cancel the error message.


I hope you understand How to Replace an Ink Pad on an Epson. It is a very simple step to follow for replacing the ink pads. After following all steps still you are not able to do it. Then you can do comment in the box what are you getting problem. We will give you the best solution.