Why is My HP Printer Not Printing Anything?

HP Printer Not Printing Anything
HP Printer Not Printing Anything
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Printers are important devices in every home and office, but it can be very annoying when they stop functioning properly. When your HP printer not printing anything, there could be several reasons why it’s happening. The following are some common causes and troubleshooting steps that you can use to solve them.

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Step to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Anything?

1- Check the Printer’s Connection

Wired Connections

  • USB Cable: Ensure the USB cable is securely connected to the printer and computer.
  • Ethernet Cable: If your printer is connected via an Ethernet cable, ensure that it is firmly attached to the router or switch.

Wireless Connections

  • Wi-Fi Connection: Ensure that the printer is connected to the correct Wi-Fi network. This can usually be checked on the printer control panel.
  • Network Settings: Confirm if your printer’s IP address is right and matches with those in network settings.

2- Verify Printer Status

Power Supply

  • Power Cable: Make sure that the power cable for your printer is plugged into a working power outlet and remains undamaged.
  • Power Button: Sometimes this might appear off due to a minor glitch; however turning it off and back on again helps to rectify this.

Printer Errors

  • Error Messages: Look at any error messages or warning lights on the display panel of the printer.
  • Paper Jam: Open up the printer and check if there are any paper jams. Clear any jammed paper if detected.

3- Check Printer Drivers

Driver Installation

  • Correct Driver: Ensure that you have installed the correct driver for your computer system. You may download the latest drivers from the HP website.
  • Driver Updates: Issues resulting from outdated drivers may arise at times. It is therefore necessary for you to check whether updates are available and then install them as such cases occur.

4- Check Printer Queue

Print Jobs

  • Stuck Jobs: Check your computer’s print queue for any stuck print jobs. Cancel all print jobs there before trying to print another document afresh.
  • Default Printer: Please, confirm that your printer has been set as the default one on your computer for it to operate properly.

5- Printer Settings

Print Settings

  • Correct Settings: Verify print settings on your computer. Ensure that the proper paper size, type, and quality are selected.
  • Ink Levels: Check whether ink or toner levels are low or empty and replace cartridges accordingly.

6- Perform a Printer Reset

Soft Reset

  • Restart Printer: Switch off the printer, unplug it from the power source, and wait for about a minute before plugging it back in and starting it up again.

Hard Reset

  • Factory Reset: In case a soft reset does not work, you may be required to perform a factory reset. To learn how to do this specifically, consult your printer’s manual.

7- Run Printer Troubleshooter

Built-In Tools

  • Windows Troubleshooter: If you are using Windows, there is an inbuilt printer troubleshooter that allows you to run it whenever you need. You can also go to Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners, select your printer, then click on “Manage” followed by “Run the troubleshooter”.


When your HP printer isn’t printing anything, it could result from different causes like connectivity issues or software problems. Systematically checking connections, verifying the printer status, ensuring correct drivers, clearing the print queue, adjusting printer settings, and performing resets often resolve such problems. If these steps do not work, try contacting HP support for further assistance or think of taking the printer to a professional for repair.

To deal with these everyday problems, you need to comprehend them. This will save you the annoyance and precious time as your HP printer remains efficient for all your printing requirements.