How to Connect Brother MFC l2710dw Printer to Wifi

Connect Brother MFC l2710dw Printer to Wifi
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In today’s technology-driven world, wireless connectivity has become an essential aspect of various devices, including printers. Connect Brother MFC l2710dw Printer to Wifi network seamlessly integrates it into your home or office environment, allowing you to print wirelessly from your computers, smartphones, or tablets. This guide will provide a step-by-step approach to connecting your printer to your Wi-Fi network, ensuring a smooth and efficient printing experience.


  1. Brother MFC-L2710DW printer
  2. Wi-Fi network with internet access
  3. Computer or mobile device with Wi-Fi connectivity

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How to Connect Brother MFC l2710dw Printer to Wifi

  1. Power On the Printer: Connect the power cord to your printer and turn it on. Wait for the printer to initialize completely.
  2. Access Network Settings: Press the ‘Menu’ button on the printer’s control panel. Navigate to the ‘Network’ option using the arrow keys and press ‘OK’.
  3. Select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard: Choose the ‘Wi-Fi Setup Wizard’ option and press ‘OK’. This will launch the Wi-Fi setup process.
  4. Choose Your Wi-Fi Network: The printer will display a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Select your network from the list and press ‘OK’.
  5. Enter Wi-Fi Password: If your Wi-Fi network is password-protected, you will be prompted to enter the password. Use the arrow keys to input the password and press ‘OK’.
  6. Confirm Settings: Review the Wi-Fi network and password you have entered. Press ‘OK’ to confirm the settings.
  7. Connect to Wi-Fi: The printer will attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Wait for the connection to be established successfully. A confirmation message will appear on the printer’s screen.
  8. Test Wireless Printing: Try printing a test document from your computer or mobile device once connected. This will verify that the wireless connection is functioning properly.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If the printer fails to detect your Wi-Fi network, ensure that the network is active and within range of the printer.
  • Verify that the Wi-Fi network password you entered is correct.
  • Reset the printer’s network settings to factory defaults if necessary.
  • Consult the Brother MFC-L2710DW user manual for detailed troubleshooting instructions.

By following these steps, you can connect your Brother MFC-L2710DW printer to your Wi-Fi network without any hassle. Enjoy the convenience of wireless printing and experience the seamless integration of your printer into your digital workspace.