How to Fix Epson Sublimation Printer Printing Lines?

Epson Sublimation Printer Printing Lines
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Why is my Epson Sublimation Printer Printing Lines? This is a burning question on the mind of almost every sublimation enthusiast. They believe this online print is a technical error produced by their Epson sublimation printer.

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The main reason for these technical errors can be sublimation ink or transfer paper. This indicates that the cartridges are not filled with ink or that the transfer papers do not transfer the original designs and images completely.

However, to solve this Epson sublimation printer print line error or Epson printer horizontal line problem. We have created this wonderful and thoughtful article. This can solve all the confusion you are facing regarding those printing lines produced by the Epson sublimation printers.

Thus, without wasting your time it would be perfect to start your article. To get accurate information about this printer, we recommend you read this article carefully till the end. so let’s get started!

Why Epson Sublimation Printer Print Lines? -main reason

You may face the problem of horizontal lines in the Epson 2720 printer. Well, here are the four main reasons for Epson’s sublimation printer to be a good addition to the printing line. All these are different from each other and hence it is necessary to understand them in detail.

1: Low ink cartridge

Why does my Epson ET-2720 printer only print in black and white? One of the main reasons why your Epson printer may print lines while it is working is due to low ink cartridge usage.

For low ink, the printer will force the ink out of the nozzle and result in an output print with less ink on it.

Simply put, cartridges with low ink will be unable to produce ink for proper sublimation printing issues. Hence, most of the time, this is the main reason behind the printing line of Epson printers.

2: Do Not Turn Off the Printer

Why does my printer print with lines (Epson I3110)? This may sound a bit strange. But, another main reason why your printer is producing an Epson Eco-Tank print line is not turning off your printer. This can dry out the ink in your printer.

Hence, it is always advised to use printers and switch them off when not in use. The result will be the large print capacity of these Epson printers without creating print lines in the main output result.

3: Transfer Paper Problem

Next in this list of major reasons is the transfer paper problem. As sometimes the transfer paper is not placed correctly. In addition, these papers must be of good quality and very resistant. This is another major reason for the production of horizontal lines in sublimation printing.

If not installed correctly, the ink design will not transfer completely. As a result, your Epson sublimation printer will print unnecessary lines on the main output image.

4: Nozzle Malfunction

The nozzles or print heads play another important role in creating a print line when using an Epson sublimation printer. Therefore, it is important to clean the printhead or nozzle properly.

This will allow these nozzles to deliver a good amount of sublimation ink onto the transfer paper. As a result, a good quality vibrant color design will be created on the surface of your material.

Steps to Fix Epson Sublimation Printer Printing Lines:

Why doesn’t my Epson printer print colors accurately? Since you have come to know about the main reasons for the formation of printing lines in these Epson sublimation printers. Now, it is our responsibility to provide you with some important tips to overcome these print lines.

  • Start by running the nozzles and see if they are clogged. If so, then you need to clean them immediately.
  • Make sure the transfer paper you add matches the setting you set for the transfer paper.
  • Place these transfer papers on the right side of the Epson sublimation printer to get rid of unnecessary print lines.
  • Refill ink reservoirs with high-quality, heavy-duty branded sublimation ink that will not fade.
  • Go to the settings of your Epson printer and adjust the print speed. Make sure this print speed is not too fast so as not to destroy the nozzle.
  • Align the nozzle directly on top of the transfer paper. So that it can be printed in good order.
  • You can also use your printer’s power cleaning option to remove print lines created by Epson sublimation printers.


There are many Epson printers in the market that are popular for printing sublimation transfers. Recent reports indicate that many users are experiencing print lines on their prints.

The purpose of this article was to discuss some of the possible causes of this problem and how it can be fixed. A sublimation printer from Epson can be used to print lines on your clothing.