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How to Bypass Ink Cartridge on Epson Printer

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In an Epson printer, when the ink level reaches a certain level, the print drivers begin to refuse to print. Even though there is ink in the cartridge, the printing stops. If you saved a replacement cartridge long before this situation, you’re fine, but if not, you’ll have a problem. But don’t worry, even though there isn’t a standard way to work with this limitation, there is still an easy way you can learn How to Bypass Ink Cartridge on Epson Printer.

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Method 1- Bypass the Ink Cartridge on the Epson Printer

  • Open the cover and hold down the Ink button.
  • When the ink holder is moved to its position, open the cartridge cover that does not contain ink and close it without even removing the cartridge.
  • Now close the cover and start printing.
  • It’s a simple step that can help you bypass ink cartridges. This method works on this printer model that doesn’t have a microchip on the cartridge to track ink levels.

Most Epson inkjet printers are equipped with a metering system that sends an alert message to the user when the ink in the cartridge is low. The chip present will then shut down the printer and not allow printing until the new cartridge is installed.

But you’ll still find ink in the cartridge that can be used for printing unless you bring a new one. Since cartridges are very expensive, it is better that we can use this leftover ink with some tricks. By playing a trick, we can trick the printer into thinking that a new cartridge has been installed, so the remaining ink must be used up. Let us briefly discuss other ways to bypass ink cartridges.

Method 2: Shake the Printer Cartridge:

  • With your printer powered on, lift the printer cover and stop until the vehicle swings back and forth.
  • Now remove all the print cartridges by pressing the tabs on the short end of each cartridge and lifting them straight up.
  • Now turn off the printer and wait for a while until the printer is completely turned off. Now unplug the printer plug from the main power source, and then wait a while, allowing the printer memory time to reset.
  • Now shake each cartridge briefly to redistribute the ink inside.
  • Then place the cartridges inside the printer in the order they were removed, and then connect the printer to the power source.

Method 3 – Reset the Cartridge

Gently remove the cartridge from the printer as described in Method 2, and then examine the end of the cartridge containing the copper contacts. Some printer models have a reset button in the center just above the contacts. Now using the end of a paperclip or other similar object, press the reset button carefully. Once you’ve reset each cartridge, you can put them in their position. The printer can accept them as if they were new cartridges.

Here is the way to bypass ink cartridge on Epson printer. I hope you understand to fix it. If you have any queries about the Epson printer then you can do comment in the box. Please do share with the others.

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