How To Enroll Printer In HP Instant Ink?

Enroll Printer In HP Instant Ink
Image: HP Smart
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Some HP printers are compatible with HP Instant Ink. With this service, you’ll always have access to fresh ink when you need it. HP automatically ships new cartridges when you run out of ink. You can cancel this plan every month so that you are not tied to anything. In this article, we will know 8 steps on How to Enroll a Printer in HP Instant Ink.

Read: HP Instant Ink Service Center +1-855-233-5515

Steps for How To Enroll Printer in HP Instant Ink

Before signing up, don’t forget to get your printer ready to use. Plus, have your credit card or bank details handy so you can sign up in no time.

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Go to the HP Instant Ink home page. You will directly see the Sign Up Now button in the HP Instant Ink banner. Click on it. If you want to see Print Services first, scroll down. Click Start on the desired service.

Step 2: Find Your Printer

Enter your printer model. It’s listed on the front of your printer, for example, the HP ENVY 6022e. As you type, your printer will appear in the list. Select it. On the screen, an image of your printer will appear along with the model number. Be sure to check it out. If it is correct, click Continue.

Step 3: HP+ Printer

Once your printer is HP+ compatible, the rest of the activation will be done through the HP Smart App. This app is available on Microsoft Store, App Store, Mac App Store, and Google Play Store. 

Have you ever connected your printer to this app? Click on the HP Instant Ink button. If you are activating this application for the first time, connect your printer first. You will learn more about this in the following advice article.

Step 4: Choose the Plan You Want

Follow these steps if you don’t have an HP+ printer. HP Instant Ink is available in 5 plans. They vary from casual printing to professional printing. Choose the plan that best suits your printing habits. If the plan doesn’t suit you, you can easily change it every month. 

Keep in mind that once you’ve signed up for a paid membership, you can’t switch back to the free trial plan. You can also buy additional pages for $1 per month. The number of pages you get depends on the plan. Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Step 5: Create an Account

In this window, you create an account. Enter all the information and find a strong password. Decide whether you want to allow HP to send email to you. If you already have an HP account, you can click You already have an HP account.

Step 6: Connect the Printer

Turn on the printer and make sure it is (wirelessly) connected to the Internet. You can tell if it’s connected to WiFi or Ethernet by the icon on the screen. If the printer does not connect, how do I connect? You can click on it for more information. The way to connect a printer varies with each series of printers.

To connect your printer go to Internet Options through Settings. With the Wireless Settings Wizard, you select a network name and enter a password. After this process, your printer gets connected to WiFi.

Step 7 Print The Code and Enter it

When the printer is connected to Wi-Fi, tap the HP ePrint icon, then tap Print or Print Info and follow the instructions. The printer will print the code. If this code doesn’t print, click My page doesn’t have any code.

Enter the code during the installation process and click Apply. Continue with setup and fill in things like your address information and how you want to pay for Instant Ink.

Step 8: Sign Up for HP Instant Ink

Finally, check whether all the information filled by you is correct or not. If you have a discount code, you can enter it here. Now only 2 things are left to do. Accept the terms and conditions and click on Register. You are now registered for Instant Ink and the Starter Pack will be sent to you asap.


I hope you understand all steps for how to enroll a printer in hp instant Ink. After following all steps not working for you then you can contact Hp instant ink support number. If you liked the post then please do share it with others and if you have any queries about then do comment we will answer you immediately.