How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge with Simple Steps

Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge
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How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge? Canon Pixma ink cartridges are typically containers that hold the ink needed to print documents. It is essential to regularly check the ink level inside your ink cartridge. If the ink level inside the cartridge is below the expected level, replace it immediately. Sensors are present inside the ink cartridge that allow it to check the ink level. It is recommended that you use genuine ink cartridges that are compatible with your Canon Pixma printer. However, sometimes a non-technical training user doesn’t know how to reset the Canon Pixma ink cartridge? So, we are here with some easy ways to tell you.

Canon is a well-known brand among printers and cameras. There are millions of Canon printer users around the world. And we’re available 24/7 to provide support to Canon printer users if they run into issues. One of the common problems faced by most users is low-level ink cartridges. Sometimes when you’re about to print a document and you don’t know it, your ink level drops. You don’t have to worry because we have the perfect solution to reset the Canon Pixma ink cartridge?

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Way to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma printers have a special chip inserted into their ink cartridges. The function of the chip is to signal a low level of ink or when the cartridge runs out of ink. Printers are technical devices and they have some drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks is that most printers will not work even if the ink cartridges are empty. In this case, you will need to reset the Canon ink cartridge which requires a chip resetter that is designed for the particular cartridge model. Chip resets are available as a product and are even included in refill kits.

Below are the steps on how to reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge:

Step 1 Remove the Cartridge

First, remove the cartridge from the printer. Then insert the cartridge into the resetter’s main channel.

Step 2 The Chip Should Contact

Now you need to check that the ink cartridge chip needs to make contact with the resistor contact plate.

Step 3 Push the Cartridge Down

Press the cartridge gently for a few seconds. Then the LED light on the chip resetter will blink several times. This indicates that the cartridge has come into contact with the chip. Hold the cartridge in place for five seconds until the LED light starts to emit a steady, steady light.

Step 4 Remove the Cartridge

Finally, remove the ink cartridge from the chip resetter. If you want to reset another ink cartridge online then you can follow the same procedure. When the process is complete, install the cartridge into the printer.

We guarantee that by following the above steps you can successfully reset your Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge. This is a fairly straightforward process and every printer user should perform it whenever the printer displays a low ink level warning, even if there is enough ink left in the cartridge.

How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridges?

  • First of all you have to press the Power button in order to turn off the printer.
  • Second, while holding down the Power button, press and hold the Stop or Reset button. While holding down the Power button, release the Stop/Reset button and press twice in a row.
  • Then wait for about 20 to 30 seconds until LED 0 is displayed.
  • Now press “Stop/Reset” four times in a row.
  • Double press the power button.
  • Turn off the printer by pressing the Power button again. The printer has now been reset.
  • Now unplug the power cable and USB cable from the printer to reset the cartridge.
  • After that, open the cartridge door and hold down the Power button.
  • Then reconnect the power cables while holding down the Power button.
  • Finally, close the cartridge door and release the button. The ink cartridge has been reset.

Alternate Way to Reset Your Canon Printer

Factory Reset – This is another way to reset Canon printer ink. You can get rid of this problem by doing a factory reset.

  • In your Canon printer’s menu, you’ll see the Factory reset option. To select the factory reset option, you will need to connect to the home network and start the whole setup process over again.
  • Firstly, turn on your printer and open the menu to access the Factory reset option. Use the directional arrows to go to the Configuration menu followed by Device Settings.
  • Select the Reset Settings option and select OK to restart the process.


Now I hope you understand How to Reset Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge. If you are not able to reset the Canon Pixma ink cartridge after reading the post then you can comment in the box. we will give you another way to fix it.