How to Fix Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink

Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink
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Brother Printer Cannot Detect ink – Brother is a reputed brand that manufactures printing equipment for personal and office use. It has various features that make it easy to use for users. However, there is no doubt that the user has to face some technical problems while using the Brother printer. The solution to all the problems of Brother printer is in the hands of technical experts. And hence, we present to you a team of certified technical professionals, an expert in technical support. We are here to solve the most common error our customers face that Brother printer cannot detect ink.

“Unable to detect ink” is encountered by most people who are using the latest models of Brother inkjet printers when installing a new ink cartridge. One of the main reasons this error appears is because retailers sell generic cartridges with older microchips. And this is why we always recommend that you buy generic ink from a reputable dealer. If you want complete advice on why Brother can’t detect printer ink problems, read our ultimate guide. We, the technical support experts, are available 24/7 to provide you with the best customer support services.

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Some Reasons Why the Brother Printer Doesn’t Detect ink Error

Review the various reasons why the Brother printer is unable to recognize the ink error:

Internal Memory Reset Required – Typically, your printer should automatically detect a new cartridge and reset its internal memory, ensuring that it displays full ink and toner levels. But sometimes the printer doesn’t do it correctly and thinks that the old one or no cartridge is installed. This is what happens when infrared beams stop working.

Damaged Contacts Prevent Chip Data from Being Read – Newer ink cartridges have various metal contacts that connect to similar metal contacts in the printer, allowing them to communicate. Dirt on the contacts inside the printer can prevent the printer from reading the information on the chip.

The Protective Strips have not yet been removed – if you haven’t removed the protective cover or the strips attached to the new cartridge the first time you unpack. Because of this, the printer will not be able to register the new cartridge, resulting in an error. To resolve this problem, remove the cartridge from your printer and make sure all tape, plastic covers, or tabs are removed before reinstalling the cartridge.

Brother Cartridge Protection is ON – Although updating the firmware is necessary if you have a Brother printer, an update may be installed to enable Cartridge Protection. This then prevents those cartridges from working in other printers. Cartridge protection can also prevent compatible people from working with your printer.

How to Fix Brother Printer Cannot Detect Ink?

We provide you the best way to fix this error in no time.

Reset Printer Memory

  • First, take out your new cartridge and replace it with the old one. wait 10 minutes.
  • Replace the old cartridge again with the new one. Usually, these two steps solve the problem. To check if your printer recognizes the new cartridge. However, if you persist in solving the problem, move on.
  • Now remove the new cartridge. Be sure to keep it in a clean and safe place where the cartridge will not be damaged.
  • Turn off the printer by using its Power button.
  • Then unplug your printer from the wall. Leave your printer unplugged for 10 minutes.
  • After this socket, your printer is back on the wall but do not press the power button yet.
  • Then insert your new cartridge.
  • Finally, press the Power button on your printer.


Now I hope you understand How to Fix a Brother Printer Cannot Ink Error. If you get stuck in between any of our provided steps and need assistance then you can connect with Offical Brother Printer Helpline anytime. They are providing various ways to connect with us i.e, via Live Chat, Toll-free number and you can do comment in the box.