How to Fix Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00?

Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00
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Printers are beneficial for both business and home users. With the invention of the multifunction printer, it is considered to be the most useful device after the computer. There are a variety of brands available on the market, and the most popular brand is Lexmark, along with its printers, for their versatile print quality. Steps to Fix Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900 – Here are quick responses from Lexmark experts call +1-855-233-5515.

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This Lexmark firmware error 900.00 is one of the most common problems. Communication errors usually occur when your device receives information from the system or laptop but is unable to perform its functions. It is recommended to connect to your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to find a network connection. To get an instant solution to overcome the error. Users can read this blog without skipping any section. All the provided solutions are easy to use and solve your printer error without any hassle.

What Does Lexmark Printer Firmware Error Mean?

A Lexmark 900 printer firmware error displayed on the printer control panel indicates that the printer is working. It means a network problem. It was an error, a communication problem, and a hardware problem. This can be identified by examining the base of the printer.

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Firmware Error 900.00

Users can go through these simple solutions to fix the error. The mentioned steps are simple and easy to implement without any hassle. Let’s continue with the methods

1: Update Your Printer’s Firmware Level

If the Lexmark printer’s firmware code level is out of date, it may not support the code loaded onto the scanner’s communication board. The user makes sure the printer firmware is set to P128.

Focus on Easy Methods

  • Go to the menu bar on the Printers screen.
  • Tap on the Reports section
  • To start printing, navigate to the Print tab on the Menu Settings page.
  • Under Device Information, find Firmware level information next to Base.
  • Note, the code is P128, and go to the next point.
  • Users verify that the code level is P128 or higher.
  • For advanced technical support, please contact Lexmark Technical Support.

2: Cross-Check Using Embedded Web Server (EWS)

Find Easy Points

  • Users need to connect the printer to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.
  • Try launching Internet Explorer or opening Chrome.
  • Type the printer’s IP address into Chrome’s address field.
  • Enter the report option.
  • Users should click on the Device Information tab and double-check whether the printer firmware is at the P128 level or not.

3: Download and Update the Latest Firmware Code

Go through the mentioned solutions

  • Users can access Lexmark’s support website at
  • On the left, click the Support and Downloads link.
  • Users can search for example in the search box, type your printer model, Lexmark T652, T652.
  • Click on the Download tab and find the latest firmware version.
  • If a newer version is present, hit the download button and save the file to your system desktop.
  • Enter the downloaded file, follow the instructions, and install the updated printer firmware.
  • Users verify that the installation process is complete and reboot the system.

Take a Look at Other Simple Steps

Lexmark printers display firmware error 900.00 on the printer control panel, the printer works. This error is commonly known as a firmware error. It means a network problem. The 900.00 error code appears as a communication problem or a hardware issue. Users need to check the printer base. See the procedure outlined for fixing the Lexmark error in your printer.

User pass through simple methods

  • Users always turn off Lexmark printers.
  • Check all cables connected to the printer.
  • You will have to wait two minutes before the system disarms.
  • Press and hold the power button on the Lexmark printer for 60 seconds.
  • Clear the print queue and print jobs from the computer in the network queue.
  • Turn on the Lexmark printer.
  • Reconnect any loose cables to the printer.
  • Users try to print a test page and the error is resolved.

Contact us for Lexmark Firmware Error 900.00

Here we provide an easy solution to fix Lexmark Printer Firmware error 900.00 in your printer. Users can use the provided methods. It’s easy to use If you apply these proposed steps, the error will be fixed without any issues. If you feel that you need expert help to solve this error in your printer, then you can contact our experts. On Call +1-855-233-5515 24 hours without any problem.