How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error SC 899-00

Ricoh Printer Error SC 899-00
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How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error SC 899-00 Printer is now essential for every working person. Among all the printer manufacturers, Ricoh is the best printer supplier. There are approximately one billion Ricoh printer users available and working there. Many printer users are facing similar issues and asked how to fix Ricoh SC 899-00 printer error. We have written this article to help the users. So follow the article as it is.

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Always seek professional advice for any kind of technical issue. Well, for printer support, our company, the technical support specialist, is the only solution provider. We provide all kinds of assistance. As many Ricoh printer users report the same problem and ask how to fix Ricoh Printer Error SC 899-00. To make it easier for our users, we have shared some simple steps. check also Jumbo Loan in California 

Steps to Fix Ricoh Printer Error SC 899-00

Here we are going to discuss the various ways to fix these issues. It is important that you follow all the given steps as they are. Here are the steps.

Step 1 Unplug the Network Cable from the Ricoh Printer

  • First, the Ricoh printer’s network cable must be unplugged.
  • After that, the service mode should be entered. Continue pressing the keys in the following order, [Reset]. Then [1], next [0], then [7], then [delete]. Press and hold the [Clear] button until the “SP” menu appears.
  • Press the “SP System” button.
  • Now click on the new menu and expand the part labeled “SP-5XXX”.
  • Then scroll down the pages until you find “5801 – Memory Clear”, once you find it, expand that section.
  • Next, click the 8 submenus labeled “Printer Applications”, then click the “Executive” button on the right side of the screen, to clear the Ricoh printer’s memory.
  • A dialog box asking for confirmation will appear; Then click on the “Run” button given in the pop-up message to proceed with the steps.
  • Now the printer setup will ask you to close and complete the process
  • After that, the Ricoh printer can be restarted and you may find that the error message has been removed from the configuration.
  • To check if this step has resolved the issue, start a new print job and check that it works properly.

Step 2 Turn off your Ricoh Printer

  • Turn off the Ricoh printer and unplug it from the main outlet.
  • After that, your Ricoh printer should be completely disconnected from the PC (CPU), and try connecting it again after 5 minutes. Also, check that all cables are connected properly now. Use a USB cable for connection.
  • After reconnecting the printer to the PC, turn on the power and restart your printer.
  • Try plugging your Ricoh printing device back in and turning it on.

After following all these steps, you can check if the error is removed or not and try giving the print command to check whether the printer is working properly or not. If the problem persists then there may be another hardware or software issue and you will need to contact Ricoh Printer customer service to get it resolved as they will be in the best position to resolve these issues with remote assistance from your system or guard Will be in

Step 3 Install the New Version of Adobe Acrobat

Additionally, another problem with Ricoh printers occurs when printing PDF files from applications such as Google and Microsoft Windows when using browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome with the Adobe Acrobat add-on plug-in in the browser. There is a problem with the Ricoh printer at the time. This problem can occur because of an older version of Adobe Acrobat or corrupted configuration files.

For this reason, when printing a PDF, it shows “SC899 Error Code” from the printer. To fix this particular problem, you need to uninstall all old version of Adobe Acrobat and reinstall it in your system and the setup must be new and updated to install. After reinstalling, you can check the operation of the printer by ordering to print a PDF.

If error codes SC899 still appears, you can check for any available or required updates for Adode and try updating.