How to Fix Brother Printer Ink Absorber Full Error

Brother Printer Ink Absorber Full Error
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Brother printer users are well aware of some of the typical errors it displays. Errors are related to hardware, firmware, software, drives, system errors, network, virus, and malware attacks, etc. The error is sometimes encrypted in a code while sometimes the printer gives a message on the LCD screen mentioning the problem. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the “Brother Printer ink absorber error Full” displayed on the LCD screen. This indicates that the ink absorber needs immediate replacement. By doing so, the error will no longer flash on the screen.

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Have you been using a Brother printer for some time? Then you have to agree that over time the printers made by Brother Printers come with useful features. Recently, the wireless function of their printers is very popular. When using a printer, have you ever seen a message saying “Total ink absorber error”? Over time this has been one of the most commonly asked questions “How to fix Brother printer error Ink absorber full?” Before calling a technician for more in-depth service, there are steps you can take to resolve the problem quickly. Calling a technician can be costly and time-consuming. But if you try these smart “DIY” or do-it-yourself steps, you may resolve the “ink absorber full error” error sooner.

What is Ink Absorber Error?

Also called a flush box, it retains the ink recovered after purging the printhead. Whenever the machine washes or cleans it captures all the ink. Typically, the longevity of the ink absorber is the same as that of the printer. But sometimes, during use and machine wash, the absorbent gets overloaded with ink swells. In this case, the printer will understand the emergency need and continue to display the message on the LCD screen. Users should immediately replace the ink absorber with a new ink absorber.

How to Fix Brother Printer Ink Absorber Error Full

  • During the first setup, the printer will initiate a purge and the process will fill the tubes with ink while installing the ink cartridges.
  • Before the next print, the printer will clear the jammed paper. During this step, the device will automatically clean the print head. This process is done to clean the dust from the paper to protect the printer. Dust mites can seriously damage the print head.
  • By unplugging the printer, if you replace the cartridge, it will automatically begin cleaning the printhead when plugged in.
  • Replace the ink absorber with genuine Brother printer products. This ensures the longevity of the printer and minimizes downtime caused by non-branded parts or other brands.
  • Reset after installing a new ink absorber to prevent ink flooding. If you reset the system before reinstalling the part, you may find that drops of ink are dripping from the bottom of the printer.

So you can replace the ink absorber and eliminate the error.