How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 50

Brother Printer Error Code 50
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Brother printers are technically designed to provide complete printing solutions. They are of good quality and are the best printing solutions today. Since these are technical devices, they cannot be expected to be error-free. One of the most commonly encountered Brother Printer Error Code 50.

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STEPS to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 50

Brother Printer Error Code 50 is an internal problem that occurs when users are trying to unplug their printer device and plug it in again. If a foreign object which may include a paper clip or a torn piece of paper is found stuck in the machine, a “50 Unable to Print” message will appear on the display. This message pops up mainly because of a print head problem. Your print head includes the cartridges that sit inside the printer.

Now how to fix brother printer error code 50, follow the steps given below –

  • Transfer all faxes to another fax machine so that no important messages are lost. All fax messages will go directly to the machine’s memory as it cannot print at this time. This way, if extremely important, faxes can be transferred to another machine to avoid losing them. This helps in saving time and important faxes can be recovered easily.
  • Open the scanner in an upward direction. Then carefully examine the left and right sides and even the center to remove any paper scraps that may be jammed under the print head.
  • Leave the scanner cover open. Try to rotate the machine such that you are looking at the rear of the machine.
  • Open the clear jam cover on the back of the machine.
  • Look inside for traces of foreign objects or jammed paper. Get rid of them and take off the jam cover and scanner cover.
  • If “Unable to print 50” is displayed again, unplug the machine from the power outlet for 1 minute, then plug it in again. Remove all ink cartridges, turn off the printer, turn it upside down and shake it for a few seconds.
  • If “Unable to print 50” is cleared, do a Print Quality Check Sheet (PQCS). If it is working and prints successfully, then the problem is solved. If not, repeat step 1.


There are many online support facilities covering all types of error codes for printer repair. It eases the workflow as the device is taken care of and fixed at the earliest. Here are the guidelines on how to fix Brother printer error code 50 for faster recovery.