How to Clean Lexmark Printer Rollers

How Can I Clean Lexmark Printer Rollers

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You’ve had a hard day’s work. It’s time to come home and relax over a glass of beer with your friends. But the last big task of the day that you thought was a piece of cake slowly turns into a Sherlock Holmes mystery. Your printer is not only capable of printing. Maybe it needs to be cleaned. Let’s know How to Clean Lexmark Printer Rollers.

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Lexmark Printer Rollers

If you are trying to clean the rollers of a Lexmark printer, protective gloves should be used to avoid getting ink on them. This not only helps to protect the printer from being damaged by the oil on your skin.

Step 1: Turn off the device. Shut down the machine and cut off the power supply. Make sure there is no electricity to the machine. Do not attempt to turn on the printer to clean it. This will affect the device.

Step 2: Open Printer. Push the release door on the left side of the printer. This will open the main printer door.

Step 3: Please remove the cartridge. Hold the handle of the toner cartridge with both hands. Pull it upward at a 45-degree angle until it is removed from the printer.

Step 4: Find the Roller. Close the main door halfway before you can see the scroll. As the roller moves along the door, you will not be able to see the rollers until you have closed the door halfway. Identify the roller mounting arms until you can no longer see the roller.

Step 5: Please remove the roller. Gently press down on one of the arms while moving out to the sides. This frees the rollers from the arms. Once it is loose, remove the printer from the roll.

Step 6: Wash off with lukewarm water. Take the roller for cleaning under running hot water. Wipe the surface of the roller with a soft cloth. This cleans the roller of any ink particles or dust. Dry the roll until it burns.

Step 7: Reinstall the Roller. Return the printer roller to its place. Reattach the two roller mounting arms to keep them in place. Open the cover and replace the cartridge inside. When you are finished, you have successfully cleaned the printer roller.


I hope you guys know very well How to Clean Lexmark Printer Rollers. If you have any issues with your Lexmark printer then you can do comment in the box. We will happy to help you.

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