How to Find Printer on Network in Windows 11?

How to Find Printer on Network in Windows 11
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It’s easy to connect and configure your printer. You can follow the same steps to set up your WiFi network and get started in minutes. To keep your printer in working condition, you should use it at least two or three times a week. This will prevent the cartridge from drying out and jamming the printhead. Now, a problem that most of the users face after setting up their printer is that it does not appear in their network list at all while working on Windows 11 operating system. You may have tried restarting your printer and your system, but nothing seems to solve the problem.

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To Find a Printer on Network in Windows 11, whether wired or wireless, in Windows 11 is easy, but if you have the same problem, read this article to understand how you can find your printer on the operating system. Windows 11.

Before fixing the problem, make sure your device is working and the green light for the WiFi scan option is on. Also, make sure that there are no pending updates in your system and that WiFi is turned on.

Follow these steps to find printer on network in Windows 11.

  • Under Settings, the option goes to Bluetooth & devices, then to Printers & scanners.
  • On the right, you’ll find the “Add device” button. Click on it and allow the system to find nearby devices.
  • Click on the name of your printer and let Windows install.
  • Once installed, you can connect like any other WiFi network.

There may be times when you cannot find your printer on the network. In such cases, you can try the following options.

  • Restart your printer and wait for it to automatically connect to your system.
  • Restart your system to see if the problem is resolved.
  • Make sure your system (laptop or PC) and printer are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • If the router is in use, be sure to restart it as well.
  • Windows 11 gives you the option to enter device details manually. Try following the manual method to see if the printer has become discoverable and is showing up in your network list.
  • Make sure the correct printer driver is installed on your machine. Firmware updates may be pending. You can visit the printer’s website, enter the requested details, and see if an update is available or pending.
  • You can also run the built-in printer troubleshooting service. Let him scan the printer and fix any problems if necessary.

These will help you find the printer on the network in Windows 11 and solve any problems you may encounter along the way. But even after trying these methods, if you are not able to find the printer over the network in Windows 11, you can contact the customer service of the printer manufacturing company and get the required assistance.