How to Reset Ink Levels on Kodak Printer

How to Reset Ink Levels on Kodak Printer

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The “Out of Ink” error that appears whenever an immediate print is required is a common problem faced by inkjet printer users. But too often, the ink level displayed on the printer’s onboard maintenance screen is incorrect, and you end up throwing away a fully usable cartridge. There is good news for all Kodak printer consumers. Ink levels can be adjusted to show accurate ink levels and possibly reset ink levels on the printer, avoiding unnecessary expense.

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How to Reset Ink Levels on Kodak Printer

Resetting ink levels can be done in two ways: either by erasing the previous ink cartridge reading from the device’s internal memory or by resetting the cartridge memory. Here are the steps for both methods on How to Reset Ink Levels on Kodak Printer.

Method 1: Resetting the Internal Machine Memory

  • Open the cover of your Kodak printer and remove the two cartridges from the printer.
  • Please turn off the printer, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. This process clears the previous ink level readings from the machine’s internal memory.
  • Now replace the ink cartridge, turn off the printer, and after a few seconds restart the cartridge.

Now double-check your printer’s maintenance menu and you should find the most recently updated ink level readings.

Method 2: Reset Internal Cartridge Memory

  • To access the ink cartridge, open your printer with its lid and remove both cartridges from the printer, as you did in the first method.
  • Both cartridges are said to have circuit boards that contain memory to monitor the cartridge’s ink level. Press a small button just above these cards with a pin or paper clip to reset the cartridge memory.
  • Plug the cartridge back into your Kodak printer and turn it on. This will display the newly reset ink level on the printer.

Cartridge memory can also be reset using a special chip cartridge reset. These are designed for the sole purpose of resetting the memory cartridge and getting more accurate ink level readings on your printer. for more information:

  • Open your printer and remove the cartridge.
  • Clean the ink cartridges to remove traces of ink from the metal connector, then place them in your chip reset.
  • Click the Reset button above the Reset button until a green light comes on, indicating that the ink cartridge has been reset.
  • Reconnect the cartridge and check the ink level status.

Even if a new ink level indicates a higher ink level, always go to a test print check to confirm that the ink level is correct. Let’s say you’re having trouble resetting your ink level using a chip resetter or some other method. In this case, you can always contact Kodak Support to get the issues resolved before buying an expensive new ink cartridge.

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