How To Fix Ricoh Printer Error J001?

Ricoh Printer Error J001
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If you have a Ricoh printer that displays the above error, you can follow the methods below to resolve Ricoh printer error J001.

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How to Fix Ricoh Printer Error J001

Here are some methods to come out of the Printer Error J001. Follow the all steps below the mention. 

Method 1 – Cleaning the Printer

Because a small piece of paper can cause this error, this step is to clean the printer. The steps involved in this method are-

  • Turn off the printer by clicking on the power button
  • Unplug the printer power cord
  • Unplug any other cables connected to the printer
  • Get a bright flashlight
  • Open each tray, cover, paper feed, and so on, and use a flashlight to view any items that may be present.
  • If dust and debris are detected, clean them gently and connect a cable
  • Plug into the printer power cord
  • Turn on the printer by clicking on the power button
  • Check whether the printer is printing or not.

If the above method fails to fix the problem, then you can try the next method.

Method 2- Blow Compressed Air

The purpose of this method is to pass compressed air through to clean out the dirt. The steps to follow are-

  • Open the printer door and blow compressed air into the paper path.
  • Try blowing air into the sensing units to clear them of paper grime.
  • This method may work if your sensor unit is not working because of dirty paper.

Method 3 – Blow Air Inside the Feed Roller

This method blows air over the feed roller. The steps to be followed under this method are-

  • Locate the feed roller – The feed roller is responsible for feeding paper into the machine and is visible when the paper tray is removed. So the first step is to remove the paper tray and locate the feed roller. This roller is big and brown with gauges on it. The paper rests on this roll.
  • Blow Air – Once the roll is positioned, the goal is to blow air into it.

Method 4- Clean the Roller

In this method, the roller is cleaned and one of the possible reasons for this problem could be dust inside the roller. If you have a D-Ink or rubber refiller, a lint-free towel can be used to clean the roller.

Method 5 – Computer Scan

In this method, the computer is scanned with the Windows Registry Repair Tool. In addition, the computer may need to be turned on to complete the scanning activity.


If you are not able to resolve the error even after following all the above steps, then you must talk to the experts. You should call the Ricoh Printer customer support number for better assistance.

So practice the methods and print without any errors using your high-quality Ricoh printer. Your question about how to fix Ricoh printer error j001 has been answered.